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Grote brand bij Huijbregts Foodgroup in Helmond, Nederland

On Thursday evening, a very large fire destroyed part of the Huijbregts Groep building on the Vossenbeemd in Helmond. Food products such as oil, sugar and spices were stored in the warehouse.

The signal was given at about ten o’clock, after which the fire brigade spent a few hours on extinguishing. At the time of the fire, no one was in the building.

Nobody was injured. An NL-Alert was sent earlier in the evening in Helmond, warning people to stay out of the smoke.

The fire not only released a lot of smoke, but also a lot of soot, according to a spokesman. The first report of the fire came around 7 PM.

Spokesperson Thijs Verheul said that the first reports involved small explosions. It is not yet clear what caused these explosions.

The fire brigade quickly scaled up to a large and very large fire. Eight fire-fighting vehicles and three aerial platforms came to the site to fight the fire.

There were also three water vehicles. According to the spokesman, this could partly prevent the fire from spreading to the adjacent shed and the fire was limited to this one shed.

The fire brigade does not think that chemical substances have been released during the fire, but has taken measurements to confirm this.

A helicopter also flew over the site to map the situation. The fire was visible in the wider area. Thick black clouds of smoke rose on the Huijbregts building.